COVID-19 Business Claim Management

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Insurance companies worldwide are facing disruptions caused by the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2. Prediction of business damages is in the billions of dollars, and a surfeit of claims will be filed.


“Pandemics, unlike other catastrophes such as a hurricane or an earthquake, are not limited by geography or time. The loss potential from a pandemic, in practical terms, is infinite, and insurance companies have only finite balance sheets.” Evan Greenberg, CEO Chubb Group, said in an April 16, 2020 article about insurance companies and pandemics published on


Handling these claims requires an expert understanding of a myriad of insurance situations. You may face these types of claims and questions, among others:


● Travel insurance
● Event cancellation insurance
● Business interruption insurance claims
● Worker’s Compensation questions
● Cybersecurity questions for remote workers
● Property damage of unsecured locations
● General liability claims


Responding with Compassion


Every claim still needs to be individually reviewed and processed. Clients need fast, responsive service, and you need claims processed efficiently and professionally. Many of your clients face devastating losses. Your office needs help processing the escalating numbers of claims requiring diligent, thorough investigation, and documentation.

“We care more. We try harder. We enjoy what we do. We want to make this tough time easier for everyone.” – Jeff Bode, COO, The Littleton Group.


Like many other businesses, you have the added disruption of more employees working remotely at the same time you are facing unprecedented calls and claims. All your adjusters must understand the precise terms and conditions of the applicable coverage.


They need a deep understanding of the relevant rules and regulations concerning many of these complicated claims. What does contingency business interruption insurance cover? What if a business loss results from civil authority orders restricting access to the business?


You are tasked with handling complicated demands and volumes during very abnormal times. Your teams are working hard, finding agile solutions to clients’ challenges.


This is not the time for novices.



Supplement Your Staff with Our Expert Adjusters


Littleton staff is ready to respond and provide the assistance you need to deal with the myriad of claims you are processing. With decades of experience, we have the infrastructure in place to move quickly and maintain expert quality.


Business interruption claims raise unique issues. Routine claims require proof and quantification challenges, and when combined with the unique problems of COVID-19, the stakes are even higher.


Our adjusters are qualified to review claims and analyze the many business interruption provisions. The actual peril causing the loss must be carefully identified. Were losses caused by the virus, from civil order, or supply chain interruption? Policy language will determine the coverage the client’s policy provides.


Within hours of receiving your claim, our team can supplement your existing staff and ease your workload. Clear your desk and move those files to our team – we are ready and eager to help.



Call in the Team of Experts


Since 1979, The Littleton Group has built a stellar reputation, responding to claims with compassion and integrity. This pandemic has created a vast geographic event of unprecedented scope and potential economic loss, and we can help.


As insurance professionals, we excel at analyzing and processing claims quickly. You can give your clients the answers they need and also meet your mandated claim response times.


Coverage for COVID-19 will depend on the specific facts of the claim, the policy language, and applicable state laws. You can be confident that all of our expert adjusters will scrutinize each claim.


Our company combines innovative technology with traditional people-centered service.



Qualified Experienced Personnel – Across the nation, we employ over 200 independent, multi-line adjusters. Our adjusters have an average of 13 years of experience to ensure a top-level of quality.


Well-Managed Operations – Each claims adjustment is conducted professionally to provide positive outcomes for our clients. An Account Manager oversees each account.


Standardized Systems/Customized Products – Our claims management system allows claims to be uploaded directly from clients and tracked in real-time.
We use a variety of platforms which include claims management systems, cloud-based customer support systems, short message services (SMS), content management systems, and other technological tools. We can tailor these in response to your needs.


“Insurance claims processing can be an impersonal and negative experience. We want to make it as positive as possible.” Steve Streetman, CEO, The Littleton Group.


We offer a variety of services to a wide range of clients, including, but not limited to, insurance carriers, managing general agents, off-shore and stateside captives, municipalities, private entities, and self-insureds.


The Littleton Group offers claim services in the following fields:


● Third-Party Administration
● Independent Claims Services
● Lloyd’s of London Programs
● Catastrophe Services
● Temporary and Project Staffing


We can respond to your needs rapidly and shift capacity as demands change. Our adjusters possess a diverse range of skill sets to investigate and document each claim thoroughly.


Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you navigate the demands of the current situation: